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As businesses become more complex and global, maintaining efficient scheduling agreements is crucial. A scheduling agreement is a contract between a customer and a supplier that specifies when goods or services will be delivered, and at what price. SAP, a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, provides a transaction code, ME38, to maintain scheduling agreements efficiently.

ME38 is just one of many transaction codes available in SAP that can help businesses stay organized and streamline processes. Here’s what you need to know about using ME38 to maintain scheduling agreements:

1. Accessing the ME38 transaction code

The ME38 transaction code is found in the Materials Management module of SAP. To access it, you’ll need to log into the system and navigate to the transaction code field. Type “ME38” to bring up the scheduling agreement maintenance screen.

2. Creating a new scheduling agreement

To create a new scheduling agreement using ME38, you’ll need to input some basic information about your customer and the goods or services you’re providing. This includes the customer’s name and address, the delivery schedule, and the pricing terms.

3. Updating an existing scheduling agreement

If you need to make changes to an existing scheduling agreement, you can do so using ME38. This might include adjusting the delivery schedule or pricing terms, adding or removing items, or updating the customer information. Simply navigate to the agreement you want to update and make your changes.

4. Checking the status of scheduling agreements

One of the benefits of using ME38 is that you can easily check the status of your scheduling agreements. This can help you stay on top of your delivery and payment schedules, as well as identify any potential issues that need to be addressed.

Using ME38 to maintain scheduling agreements is a critical tool for businesses who want to stay organized and efficient. By taking advantage of this powerful transaction code in SAP, you can ensure that your agreements are up-to-date and accurate, and that you’re meeting your customer’s needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.


When it comes to applying for a training contract, one of the most important documents that you`ll need to submit is your cover letter. This is your opportunity to showcase your skills, qualifications, and why you would be the perfect candidate for the role.

To help you create a standout cover letter for your training contract application, we`ve put together an example that you can use as a guide.

Dear [Hiring Manager],

I am excited to apply for the training contract position at [Company Name]. As a recent law school graduate with a passion for corporate law, I believe that my skills and qualifications make me an ideal candidate for this role.

During my time in law school, I gained valuable experience working at a top-tier law firm, where I honed my legal research, writing and analytical skills. I consistently received high marks for my attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure, skills that I believe will serve me well in the fast-paced environment of your firm.

In addition to my academic and professional experience, I have also been actively involved in various extracurricular activities, such as participating in the law school`s moot court competition and volunteering at a local legal aid clinic. These experiences have helped me to develop my communication, teamwork, and leadership skills, which I believe will be valuable assets to your firm.

Furthermore, I am particularly interested in the work that your firm has done in corporate law, and I am eager to learn from some of the best minds in the field. I believe that by joining your team, I will be able to further develop my skills and contribute to the firm`s continued success.

Thank you for considering my application. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further and learn more about the position. Please find my resume attached for your review.


[Your Name]

Remember, your cover letter should be tailored specifically to the job you`re applying for. Take the time to research the company and their values, and make sure that your skills and experience align with what they`re looking for in a candidate.

By following this example and putting in the effort to create a top-notch cover letter, you`ll be well on your way to landing your dream training contract. Good luck!


As a copy editor, it is important to ensure that all written material is not only grammatically correct, but also optimized for search engines. One area where proper grammar and SEO intersect is in pronoun-antecedent agreement, which is the focus of this article`s worksheet.

Worksheet 2: Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Directions: Read each sentence carefully and decide which pronoun fits best in the blank space. Be sure to choose a pronoun that agrees in number and gender with its antecedent. Remember, singular antecedents require singular pronouns, and plural antecedents require plural pronouns.

1. Samantha and ___________ friends went to the beach. (her/their)

2. The doctor told John and ___________ wife to rest. (his/their)

3. Each student must turn in ___________ assignment on time. (his/their)

4. The company is offering its employees ___________ a bonus for their hard work. (it/they)

5. The team celebrated ___________ victory with a party. (it/their)

6. Sarah and ___________ sisters are planning a trip. (her/their)

7. The committee members voted unanimously to approve ___________ proposal. (its/their)

8. The dog wagged ___________ tail when it saw its owner. (it/its`)

9. Every citizen should exercise ___________ right to vote. (his/their)

10. The group of musicians played ___________ instruments beautifully. (its/their)


1. their

2. his

3. his

4. them

5. their

6. her

7. their

8. its

9. their

10. their

By using the correct pronoun in each sentence, the text becomes clearer and more grammatically correct. Additionally, using keywords such as “pronoun-antecedent agreement” in the title and body of the article can help improve its search engine optimization.

As a copy editor, it is important to not only ensure proper grammar but also to understand how words and phrases can affect a piece`s visibility online. By incorporating SEO techniques into your editing process, you can help ensure that all written material is not just grammatically correct but also optimized for search engines.


After months of negotiations, Dish Network and Fox Corporation have finally reached an agreement. The new deal ensures that Dish customers will continue to have access to Fox’s popular television networks and local stations.

The agreement comes after a brief period in which Fox channels were unavailable to Dish customers. The temporary blackout was due to a disagreement between the two companies over programming fees.

However, both Dish and Fox have now announced that they have reached an agreement that is beneficial for both parties. The deal includes terms for the continued distribution of Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, and Fox Sports, as well as local Fox affiliate stations across the United States.

For Dish customers, the agreement means that they will once again be able to access a range of popular programming, from sports games to news broadcasts and entertainment shows. Additionally, the new agreement ensures that Fox’s local stations will continue to be available to millions of viewers across the country.

The announcement of the new agreement has been met with relief by Dish customers who were left without access to Fox programming for several weeks. For those who rely on Fox News or Fox Sports for their daily news or entertainment fix, the news that they can once again tune in will be welcome indeed.

Dish and Fox have both expressed their satisfaction with the new deal, and their expectation that it will benefit both companies going forward. For Dish, the agreement means that they can continue to offer their customers access to some of the most popular programming on television. For Fox, the deal ensures that their content will continue to reach a wide audience across the country.

Overall, the agreement between Dish and Fox is a positive development for both companies, as well as for the millions of viewers who enjoy Fox programming. As the television landscape continues to evolve, it’s likely that similar negotiations and agreements will become increasingly common. However, for now, it seems that Dish and Fox have found a solution that works for everyone involved.