In 2001, Mr. Buyer received a new loan from the best bank of $75,000.00, which was secured by a trust loan (the Best Deed Bank of Trust) and, at closing, the balance of the initial $1,000 guarantee was fully paid and a full release of the credit was deposited. The Best Bank Deed of Trust did not disclose that it had been granted in the case of the renewal and renewal of the first lender, as the property was not Mr. Buyer`s farm. We recognize that Mercer is a non-registered renewal and renewal agreement, as is anyone who attempts to obtain a pawn or acquire real estate if all the pawn rights appear to be excluded from registration. However, sections 5520 and 5522 do not protect Mercer. He acquired his interest knowing that his rights were attached to the rights of a principal pawn. It is therefore bound by all valid extension agreements between the Ducrozes and the Bank. (d) The due date indicated in the original deed or on the date of renewal and renewal is conclusive evidence of the maturity date of the liability or commitment. In 1976, Pauline Ducroz acquired her son`s half-and-a-half interests and made another act of trust in the bank. This act of trust, as well as the subsequent acts of trust of 1977 and 1978, explicitly stated that the obligations were carried out in “renewal and renewal” of the previous debt. b) The limitation period is suspended and the privilege remains in effect four years after the extended maturity of the debt or undertaking if the extension agreement is concluded: section 5522 authorizes the owner of the land and the holder of the note or obligations to “conclude at any time a valid agreement to extend and renew the liability and privilege.

when these pledge rights were blocked in the records, they were not affected…. ». Although in 1975 there was not insufficient confidence in the Bank as a section 5522 renewal contract, there is a valid renewal contract between the Ducrozes and the Bank. As stated in W.T. Rawleigh Co. v. Terrell: The status of renewal and renewal contracts for the maintenance of pawn rights is section 5522. Although not so clear, this status requires the implementation of a “renewal contract” signed and recognized for the registration of a pledge. While the above language may allow a noteholder to be recognized for all bank rights, we believe that language is not sufficient to extend and extend the August 1974 privilege between the Bank and the Ducrozes. The 1975 Act of Trust does not mention the communication and the pledge right of August 1974 and does not say that it is in the renewal and extension of anything.

It is not considered a renewal contract within the meaning of section 5522. In September 1975, Charles and Pauline Ducroz introduced a new note and a new sign of confidence in the Bank. This second act of trust did not resust that it would have become enserable in the renewal and extension of the original debt and the pledge right of August 1974. Daoran also argues that the explanation for the absence of the original in the summary minutes of the judgment is that the note was paid by extension and that the bank did not legally hold it. There is a problem with that statement. This would only be an appropriate explanation if a copy of the original was published in their place. As noted above, the document proposed on his face by Daoran could not be a copy of the original, for this mention, sworn by Giese, would have been executed and the attached copy had not been executed.

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