Yes, we must admit the animal. You can`t ask for a medical note either. As much as it may not make sense, it is the law. Maybe you might be able to make a case where it`s not yet technically below the rental, but is it worth it if you officially rent it in a month or two? Other people may try to end fake doctor or therapist on a pet by trying to get an owner no pet policy. If you think this is the case, it is normal to look for the doctor at the state licensing office and verify his identity. It is also acceptable to contact the author`s office and explain yourself and request confirmation that the doctor did write the letter. A quick internet search can also provide a paid certification or a support device. Yes, asking a dog owner (even if a quad bike) to clean their pet is reasonable. A private residence is not a retirement home. Why would someone else be responsible for cleaning up someone`s chaos? They rent a detached house without a broker. When they rent a few detached houses and do not use a real estate agent or a service, they generally do not need to provide housing. No, service dogs are medical devices, not considered pets. However, a service dog does not count in training, so if you were training, you should choose between the training dog and your pet.

Hello! So I have a service dog, and the owner and manager were more than difficult. But my question is: can you ask me to sign an extra contract specifically for my service dog? If not, where is the legal evidence? I tried to find something, whether they could do it or not, but I couldn`t find anything. This particular service does not say, “Do you suffer from fear and do you need a letter for your emotional support animal?” “Fake” animal support made the news recently. Since business owners or employees (restaurants or retail stores) are not allowed to request an animal`s papers, some dishonest people have taken advantage of this loophole to bring their pets into businesses with or without fake pet vests. However, unlike conservators, property managers can request a letter from the tenant`s doctor or therapist. You can also contact the doctor to verify that they have written the letter. Again, they cannot give details of their disability and should not ask questions in a way that seems discriminatory. Many of the lawsuits involving owners, tenants and animals focus on laws, rules and rules relating to escort animals, not pets. It is difficult for foreigners to distinguish between a pet and a pet.

It is important that you work closely with your lawyer on pet rental issues to ensure that you comply with federal, regional and municipal laws regarding adequate accommodation. No, they can`t. You also cannot charge a pet deposit. You can calculate an appropriate set for damage to the property caused by the animal. You can also take steps to hunt an animal that is not properly trained or that disturbs other tenants, is aggressive or destructive. If you are a property manager, you can benefit from an interview with a lawyer specializing in tenant laws near you to ensure that you follow the appropriate procedures to evacuate a service animal. The key factor in what a pet raises over a pet is training and documentation. Pets are carefully trained by experts or their owners to carry out their tasks. The owner of a service animal may have identity papers and the animal often wears some kind of identification collar or crockery (but not always). Pets are generally well-trained, well-trained

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