Distributed solutions for process water treatment, renewable energy production and water reuse enhance supply chain security for industrial enterprises, which often face high energy and process drainage costs, as well as limited supply for production. However, local solutions are often seen as cost-damaging, especially for fast-growing companies in rapidly changing sectors, such as the craft beer industry. EcoVolt Reactor is an improved anaerobic fermenter that uses electromethanogenesis for process water treatment while producing renewable resources. Electromethanogenesis improves the anaerobic processing process to stabilize system function, improve biogas production and enable remote monitoring and automation of the treatment process. Customers of recycled water must follow strict location controls and precautions for safe use of recycled water, depending on the type of class provided and its authorized use. Business customers must have a sales contract and a recycled water management plan. Customers must have a sales contract. San Diego County water and wastewater authorities are developing or developing water recycling projects because each gallon of recycled water reduces the importation or development of other stocks. Approximately 30,000 hectares of recycled water are reused each year in the water agency`s watershed and the volume is expected to continue to grow when new and extensive plants are brought online.

Cambrian Innovation has developed the Water and Energy Purchase Contract (WEPA) to make on-site distributed solutions for process water treatment and water reuse accessible. On the basis of the solar industry`s electricity purchase contract (AAE), it offers an alternative for capital purchases, leases and operating contracts for process water treatment, renewable energy production and water reuse. The State Water Board`s Department of Drinking Water (DOW) regulates California`s public drinking water systems and oversees a range of drinking water activities, including recycled water. The DDW sets national standards for bacteriology and wastewater reliability for recycled water in Title 22 of the California Administrative Code. These concerns have led to the industrial process water industry model, like the AAEs, which is attributed to the fact that it unleashes the benefits of consumer-specific solar initiatives. The model put in place at the end of 2015 eliminates the cost of capital and risks in advance. The success led Lagunitas to choose EcoVolt for its new brewery in Azusa, California.

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