To accept your offer and become an international student at Monash, you must pay your down payment and return your completed and signed copy of your International Student Course Agreement (ISCA) to Central Admissions, Monash University or through your portal (if applicable). You must follow this process to accept an offer: find out what to do if you want to postpone or change your course, or contact us if you want to refuse your offer. You must use your registration confirmation (ECC) to apply for your student visa. More information about how your visa is organised. You must have accepted your offer and received your electronic registration confirmation before you can apply for your student visa. You can pack your creative year or diploma with your degree at Monash University. This means that you will not need to reapply to university when you finish at Monash College. If your application is successful, you will receive an offer of packages. If you pack your monash course with your license, you only have to apply for a student visa. If you are under the age of 18, you must also pay the deposit for guardianship and accommodation. The cost of our guardianship service is $8.65 per day. You can also learn more about Monash`s optimized visa processing.

If you apply through a Monash-approved agent, your agent can assist you in your visa application. Read all the pages and complete the necessary sections of the International Student Square. We will then send you a confirmation of the appropriate accommodation and well-being and your confirmation of electronic registration. Pay your fees and overseas student health coverage. Full payment details are listed in your International Student Course Agreement. Payment information is also available on the Pay Your fees website. Once we have received your international student study agreement and proof of payment, we will send you a confirmation of registration (WCC). We will email you within 5 working days. Return before the expiry of the offer your international student course contract concluded and signed and proof of payment.

You will find the date of the offer in your letter of offer or in your portal (if any). You can apply directly or through a Monash-approved agent. To accept your offer at Monash College, you must: If you wish to apply for your visa directly, you can find out about the process at Study australia and the Department of Home Affairs. If you are under the age of 18, we will send you a social and accommodation form. To complete the form, you must decide: a parent or guardian of Monash College. If you decide to live with a parent or relative, you must download`s Form 157N and file your application with the Ministry of the Interior. Send all your documents to Central Admissions, Monash University. You can find your details in your International Student Course Agreement.

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