As soon as Stage 1 has been completed and the award has agreed to add the potential recipient of the fee to i-Buy NYU before the honorary activity can begin, the fee recipient and the school or unit concerned must enter into and sign the university`s honorary agreement or any other agreement expressly approved by the purchase. B. If there is NO tax CONTRAT between the U.S. and the person`s country, form W-8 and determine residency status for the form of federal tax retention that identifies the person as a resident alien who is not subject to certain return information or backup. In the absence of a tax treaty, the UBF will have to withhold 30% of the payment and transfer it to the IRS. This deduction applies to both the payment of services and travel-related expenses. The person may be able to get a refund of this amount from the government at the end of the year. An earlier provision, received by the IRS, categorizes certain categories of persons into two distinct categories: self-employed contractors or workers. This list is not designed as all-inclusive, but highlights some of the main classes of individuals. This New York University Directive (“NYU” or “University”) defines the following procedures and procedures: (I) the maintenance of independent contractors; (II) the awarding of fees; and (III) reimbursement of meals, travel and accommodation related to their university visit (hereafter the “hospital reimbursement”). (I) (III) collectively “Covered Agreements.”) Each person has either a visa or an I-94 form. These forms determine whether the independent contractor is entitled to reimbursement of benefits and/or expenses. To be compensated, the person should have: 1In case, the General Office of the General Council can approve the terms of an agreement, the agreements should normally be submitted for appropriate verification at the time of the acquisition.

“The lender`s claim for taxable refunds cannot be processed by the supplier`s customer claim form. In such cases, a change order is required to change an existing order to create a separate position for reimbursement of fees. The purchase will verify and approve the registration of the independent potential contractor to i-Buy NYU. After approval, the school or unit must enter into a written agreement with the independent contractor before services can begin. The parties use the University`s Master Independent Contractor Agreement, unless the acquisition or the General Council office1 expressly authorizes the use of another agreement. The agreement reached must be made available to the supply as support for the creation and approval of an order request in i-Buy NYU before the start of the corresponding services. The independent contractor is paid for all services provided through creditors and notified to the IRS on Form 1099, pursuant to the terms of the current agreement. When a school or unit attempts to reintegrate an independent contractor who has completed the provision of services at the university or after the expiry of the agreement between the independent contractor and the school or unit concerned, both parties update the information requested as part of the registration procedures described above, if necessary. In addition, upon receipt of the necessary re-encirulations, as long as the agreement between the parties is not automatically renewed, the parties will be required to enter into a written renewal of the contract or a new agreement on the University`s Master Independent Contractor Agreement, unless the acquisition or the General Counsel office expressly authorizes the use of another agreement.

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