1. Select the pay interval in which the annual salary falls. 2. Take the midpoint/nominal content and multiply by adjacent customization. 3. Take the product and multiply by the postal index, for example.B. 130, then divide by 100. 4. Subtract the product from #2 of the result, and you will get your annual daily email. 5. According to the methodology agreed by the NJC`s FSD Committee, the maximum average/nominal salary is $100,000 for the determination of the Post Living Allowance.

51.10.6 A family reunification allowance may be allowed for a child of the worker/spouse/contractor: who is not qualified as a support creditor under the definitions of SDF 2, simply because the child does not normally reside with the worker/spouse/community partner, but the child has access to the child under the terms of a custody contract, for a maximum of two trips per 12-month period, from the child`s location to the worker`s place of assignment, reduced travel costs, if any, between the child`s seat and the employee`s seat. With other interim agreements, the government has concluded 34 agreements that, if ratified and signed, apply to more than 65,000 federal public service employees. The remaining interim agreements are expected to enter into force in the coming weeks and months, once negotiators have completed their ratification process and both sides sign the agreements. 15.23.9 Is an extension of the time limit in the emergency accommodation of the former duty station permitted due to exceptional operational requirements (e.g. B delays in the agreement for heads of mission; unforeseen program requirements that arise after a staff member has made normal arrangements to evacuate permanent housing, which requires a delay in departure, or the requirement to clear snow from the accommodation held by the Crown to facilitate renewal, renovation, repair or other operational requirements, days spent in temporary accommodation prior to the departure of the former duty station on instruction of the Assistant Director, except for days normally authorized for the packaging and removal of personal and budgetary items, are not charged on the ceiling authorized by the staff member. The employer is committed to a medium comparability policy that recognizes that, where possible and where possible, and given local living conditions and lifestyles, it provides all workers in Canada, outside of Canada, with housing that is generally comparable to the average full-rent accommodation normally occupied by a person with a similar salary and family configuration in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. In return, the worker pays the employer accommodation costs that generally correspond to the cost of the fully maintained unfurnished average rental, normally occupied by a person with a similar salary and composition in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. Accommodation costs for workers (Annex A) are updated in accordance with the methodology agreed by the NJC`s FSD Committee. This table indicates the fit for the int. 55.1 nominal salary applies. The annual salary is the Canadian dollar.

16.2.3 A worker who is entitled to move and therefore must terminate the lease of the main rental residence may be reimbursed for the actual costs incurred in order to meet the tenancy conditions.

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