In addition to supporting primary mortgage lenders for financing the low-income segment, EMRC signed a new master financing agreement with Taamir Mortgage Company for 35 million EGP on April 24, 2013 as part of the National Housing Project Portfolio. On April 14, 2013, EMRC signed an agreement with Tamweel Mortgage Finance for a tranche of 2.1 million EGP, including mortgages made available to low-income citizens. On June 30, 2013, in addition to primary mortgage assistance for financing low-income citizens, EMRC signed a new master`s refinance agreement with Misr Bank for 20 million EGP. This is the first refinancing agreement signed with Misr Bank, one of four companies responsible for funding the National Housing Program (NHP), which supports low-income citizens. The EMRC had also provided the refinancing of this tranche as part of the sale of the right-hand product; a product specifically designed and introduced to facilitate the liquidation of a large number of mortgages with relatively low credit values under NHP. On May 29, 2013, EMRC signed a new master`s refinance agreement with Sakan Finance Company. Sakan Finance Company joined EMRC in December 2012 as a new shareholder and benefited from a 20 million EGP mortgage refinancing line. The first tranche was used following the signing of a master refinancing agreement of 16 million EGP in May 2013. March 2013: Ms. Lobna Helal joins EMRC as President and CEO.

The EMRC appointed Mr. Ehab Abou Ali as the new Chief Executive Officer in August 2016. Mr. Abou Ali joined EMRC in July 2014 as Chief Risk Officer after more than 20 years of experience in serious financial institutions in Egypt. EMRC has launched a new product for the refinancing of units in the new urban community “NUCA”. This product was initiated to primarily support mortgage lenders who finance NUCA shares put up for sale to the public. The Ministry of Housing, Public Services and Urban Communities, represented by the Home-owned Urban New Communities (NUCA), had begun the increments and announced that these units would not be subsidized and that the proceeds from their sale would be used to support the low-income social housing project. This new product will take advantage of the possibility of new mortgage bookings for banks and MFCs. In 2014, Egypt`s financial supervisory authority passed the new law No.

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